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What our Client Says

I have travel all around and visit lots of hair transplant clinic out of Northeast, however finally I visit Monjoven website and consult Dr.Porag Neog and I have done hair transplant according to him. My result is out of my expectation. Thanks to Monjoven for giving me a new look.
Regards - Nayan Nilim
Monjoven Hair transplant clinic is an excellent clinic especially in cosmetic surgery including Hair transplantation. I came to know this clinic through Dr. Tiken Athokpam of Imphal Manipur. Hair transplantation cost is reasonable, as compared to other places such as Kolkata, Delhi etc. This clinic will help a lot to the people of North east, particularly in all Indian in general. I recommend this clinic. Long live “Monjoven’’
Regards - Mr.Amom Gopen Singh
Sagolband Imphal Manipur
I got my hair back after transplantation at Monjoven hair transplant and cosmetic surgery clinic, now I am very happy and excited . Monjoven is the best hair transplant clinic in Northeast India.
Best regards - A. Bordoloi
I have undergone eyebrow transplant and I am very happy with the treatment that I got from Monjoven clinic ,especially the Doctor , technicians and all the staffs are so friendly and co-operative that I didn’t feel the pain while doing the treatment . Thanks to all.
Best regards - T Shylla
I am taken by surprise myself after 3months. My looks have changed completely. Dr. Neog has given my youth back, all the team members of Monjoven are very gentle and courteous .
Best regards - Mr. J. Mech
I got to know about Monjoven from a friend of mine who had done hair transplant before, here at Monjoven. Staffs are excellent and clinic environment is very good, they are very helpful. But as the result I have seen and come to know is brilliant. I’ll suggest everyone to go for a hair transplant, it is safe and not painful, as people think to be. Thanks to Monjoven
Best regards - Mr.Hussain
I was a person with lack of confidence just because of my baldness in young age. I camme to know about Monjoven from a Doctor’s reference, Hair transplant were not at all scary, I saw my transplant procedure in the over head LCD monitor. After the surgery I wore a cap and resumed office on 4th day. Before I was a bit worried about expenditure, however the procedure is not at all expensive. Now I have got hairs in my bald area after the hair transplant procedure, my outlook has changed and I have got my confidence back, Thanks to Monjoven Clinic.
Best regards - Mr. Arup
First of all I would like to thanks Dr. Porag Neog and visiting consultant Dr. Altaf Hussain for giving me a new hope in my life as I was ashmed of the Gynaecomestia since my adolescence. I come to know about Monjoven clinic through website. But the services and treatment provided by the said clinic was awesome and pretty impressive. I wouldn’t write more though I want to mention a lot about the good services provided to me. Thanks to Monjoven clinic for giving my youth a new life.
Best regards - Mr. Singh
I was very much worried as my hairs were falling and I was getting balder and balder day by day. So Practically I lost my Peace and sleep because of this disaster at this young age….I was very keen to avail your services long time ago but owing to busy schedule as you know, I have to wait around 2 years for the implant.It was a big sigh of relief, almost “champagne-bottle- opening” moment for me when I looked at the mirror and saw myself after the procedure in your clinic.... The staffs, specially Mr Deep, and their hospitality, skills, hygiene, aseptic and antiseptic precautions taken before and after the procedure were praiseworthy. The Tea made by one of your Staff and the food were tasty and mind-blowing. My friends and relatives across also expressed interest to avail your services as it’s affordable and nearby by location. Thank you for your timely and rapid response. I wish you and your staffs, the very best in all aspects of Works and life in the coming days ahead..
Best regards - Mr. D. B.
I am fully satisfied with the service provided by Dr Porag Neog and his team .The team of Dr P Neog are very co-operative, the result I get after six month is satisfactory. I must say to the others who are suffering from baldness come and talk to Dr P Neog for Hair Transplant which is very effective. The cost which comes for Hair Transplant is less here in Monjoven than the others... Thanks to Monjoven Hair Transplant and Cosmetic Surgery Clinic.
Best regards - Mr.Sarker
I had done my Hair transplant from Monjoven Clinic Guwahati in the year 2012. My experience had been wonderful and I am very pleased with the hair growth. The Doctors and the staff are very supportive and well trained. I wish the clinic more success.
Best regards - Mr.Wahlang
This is my second experience of my Hair transplant the first which i have done in Kolkata and I am very satisfied the way the whole staff of Monjoven, as well as the Doctor Porag Neog treated me . I am very pleased with the entire procedure of Hair transplant at Monjoven Clinic.
Best regards - Mr.Biswas

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